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    Mixed Environment Buid and Deploy.

    Sami Mikhail Newbie

      I can't possibly be the first one to run into this... Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

      My build environment is in the Windows world. My Dev. test environment is in the Unix (Solaris) world. The obvious answer of moving the build environment to the Unix world is not an option unfortunately. <rant about admins deleted>

      I want to automate the deployment process.

      FWIW: I'm using Cruise Control for continuous building.

      I've found the ANT Task to stop the server, ftp the files over and now I'm stuck because the ANT Task (Which uses org.jboss.Main) can only start local servers (unless I'm missing something major.)

      Can't just leave the server up and running because the FTP takes three years to get across -- ok, I exagerate a little -- long enough that the server starts hot deploying before the transfer is complete.

      I know I should FTP to a temp directory, but I don't have an elegant way of then automagically copying the files over to the server.

      I can't use an remote ssh exec session because <rant about admins deleted> of security reasons. (I have to su to a trusted user on the Unix machine to do anything...)

      I'm not going to be able to add Maven to the mix (which my cursory reading indicates might could help) because it's late in the development cycle to do that.

      I've tried the Cargo API but I'm getting weird results. (Namely the EJB3 packages fail to redeploy with an "Already Exists" kind of exception, even after I use the undeploy method...)

      Any suggestions, pointers, help would be greatly appreciated!