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    Setting RESPONSE object encoding to UTF-8 format problem...

    Rajani Kanth Anupoju Newbie

      Hi All,

      How to set the response object encoding of a web application to UTF-8 format. We are using Jboss, struts for our web application. I want the response objects encoding to be UTF-8. I have set the URIEncoding to UTF-8 and in the jsp pages I have set the encoding top UTF-8. Still the response object encoing is in UTF-8 format. PLeasee tell me the configuration which will set the RESPONSE object encoding to UTF-8 or please let me know the probable mistake I might be doing in configuration.

      When I deployed the same application in WAS environment it is working fine. So it is obviously a configuration issue I suppose.

      Please help me in solving the problem.

      Rajani Kanth