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    4.0.4.GA - OutOfMemoryError in CompilerThread1

    David Richmond Newbie

      For Your Information

      4.0.4.GA - OutOfMemoryError in CompilerThread1

      We suddenly get the above message on redeploying an EAR. The EAR is still under development and have never had a problem until now, nothing major has changed to cause this error (appart from EAR size).

      On my development machine I get the error when frist accessing the newly deployed application (after JAAS login). On the main test machine the error happens after redeployment and the EAR app has been started (but not yet accessed by users).

      Extra Info
      1. Windows 2000 SP3 and XP SP1
      2. On the Development machine 'CompilerThread1' is trying to allocate a block > 33,000,000 bytes (is this beyond heap block limits?).
      3. This happens on JVM 1.5 Update 4 and Update 7.
      4. EAR contains a JAR, EJBs and a WAR which uses JSF and Facelets.

      Sun's troubleshooter doc indicates that this possibly a bug in the hotspot compiler. I followed their instruction of using "-client" instead of "-server" and that seams to fix it. My worry is that this is purely deferring the problem...


      P.S. We are using EJB3, I do not know if this is related

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          David Richmond Newbie

          Can avoid the error with "-server" by changing the EJB/Hibernate loading sequence, i.e. by pre-loading some reference Entity objects earlier rather than on-demand.

          Does JBoss do any major initialisation load testing with EJB3? I mean 20+ SQL statements on Web-App startup (i.e. in first request). Many of the EJB NamedQueries use 'join fetch'.


          P.S. In the original error CompilerThread1 was trying to allocate 33,554,440 bytes, i.e. 32MB+8bytes - and then complaining about 'out of swap space?'.