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    Serious Deployment Issue.

    Srivathsa Newbie

      Hi team jboss,
      I am facing a very peculiar problem in deployment.

      I have an application with a customised log4j properties file in the configuration folder of the appication. When I have deployed my application as a war the application runs as expected.
      But when i try to deploy the same application in a ear I observed the following :
      1.)I find that my log4j properties file overrides the log4j.xml of the jboss server. I came to the conclusion after noting that the data which has to be there in teh server.log was diverted to the log file defined in the application.
      2.)If i give the rootlogger as stdout. I get the following error,
      ERROR: invalid console appender config detected, console stream is looping

      Can neone tell me why the first problem occurs and that toooo only when the application is run in the all directory.

      Can neone suggest me as to what I have to take in order to make this work in the server.all.