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    Jboss Settings

    Kapil Mistry Newbie

      I have an issue related to Jboss , Session Management.

      We have a Struts deployment running on jboss-4.0.2.
      While entering the application , we come across the login page. On a successful login,the server passes on control to the application on a different server which creates a new session.

      If he sets 'Remember Me' which stores the username and password in the Cookies the session is lost between two action calls. As in , On a sysout in the two actions for the SessionId (session.getId()) we get two different session Ids which is causing a lot of things to fail. However , The application runs fine if the user does not set the remember Me' option while logging in.

      I think this is something to do with the Cookie/Session Management of JBOSS.Have you come across such a scenario before ?

      I tried with the change in content.xml (JBOSS-HOME\server\default\deploy\jbossweb-tomcat55.sar):

      It still gets a different session.
      Isn't cookie management a function of the app-server ?

      Your inputs on this would be highly appreciated.

      (I do not have access to the login page , since the authentication is done on a different server before the request comes to jboss)