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    How do i use XDoclet with JSP instead of servlets in NetBean

    Afshad Dinshaw Newbie

      The following example shows how to get started using XDoclet to generate the descriptors for servlets:
      This is their servlet annotation:
      * @web.servlet name="Compute"
      * display-name="Computation Servlet"
      * description="Servlet that computes Fibonacci suite"
      * @web.servlet-mapping url-pattern="/Compute"
      * @web.ejb-ref name="ejb/Fibo"
      * type="Session"
      * home="tutorial.ejb.FiboRemoteHome"
      * remote="tutorial.ejb.FiboRemote
      * description="Reference to the Fibo EJB"
      * @jboss.ejb-ref-jndi ref-name="ejb/Fibo"
      * jndi-name="ejb/Fibo"

      However what if I am working with only JSPs
      Do I still need annotations in my JSP?
      Also if i have no servlets and only jsps then do i still need to copy the
      xdoclet-web-build.xml and xdoclet-web-build.properties in the WebModule's root directory???
      and run the WebDoclet?

      Currently I havent run XDoclet on the webmodule and if i compile the index.jsp i keep getting the error:
      package sessionpack does not exist

      Do i need to modify some xml file for it to find the package?

      Any help appreciated!