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    Running JNI Code Inside Jboss

    Saikat Kanjilal Newbie

      Hello Everyone:
      I've written a J2EE App composed of a rich ui written in flex that makes a jni call into some dll's. I have a war file that I am using to do this, however I keep getting an Unsatisfied Link Error in the jboss logs pertaining to a native method, are there specific directories that I need to put the dll's in inside the war file, I have scoured the web on this and could not find anything. Additionally as suggested by one other person on the jboss forums I've even written my own MBean to load the dll's and the classes in the jar that call the dll's from the same classloader but this didnt make any difference. I am using jbossv4.0.3sp1 and jdk 1.4.2_09. Please note that the jni code works like a charm outside the appserver but fails with the above error when in the app server.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated, this is my first attempt at doing something like this.

      Thanks Again