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    can I have multiple HA Singletons?

    Kevin Hale Boyes Newbie

      For our application deployment we're adding the following to the
      jboss-service.xml file in the URLDeploymentScanner mbean:


      We do this so that we don't have to copy/war files all the time.
      This is only used for development.

      We have a similar need for a HA Singleton deployment. We have a
      scheduled task that must only run on the master node.

      So, I'm looking in server/blah/deploy/deploy-hasingleton-service.xml
      at the HASingletonController mbean for a similar "URLs" attribute
      but haven't found one.

      I'd like to be able to have the normal deploy-hasingleton directory
      deployed in addition to another directory (possibly several others).

      In one attempt I copied the definition for the HASingletonController
      mbean and renamed it. In this copy I changed the value for
      . This "works"
      but doesn't seem quite right. Multiple singleton controllers seems like
      an oxymoron.

      What I'd like to do is give a comma separated list for the argument
      attribute, just like in URLDeploymentScanner mbean. Something like:


      Is this possible?