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    Adjusting all port numbers

    Matthew Towler Newbie


      I have previously setup JBoss 4.0.4 using the default configuration, but now I wish to use it on a machine where port 8080 is already in use. Therefore I would like to setup the server to use a different number, say 8090. I have searched for 80xx in the config files and have found the following:

      dynclassloader-service - 8083
      jboss-service.xml - 8080 (four times)
      server.xml (in tomcat) 8080 (twice) and 8009 (twice)
      jboss-service.xml - 8093
      attributes.xml - 8080

      Quite a lot of locations, especially as I have probably missed some.

      My question is to ask whether there is somewhere that details all the items that need to be adjusted to move the base port of JBoss? I have had a look through the FAQ and documentation and could not see anything.