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    No deployment of files in

    Yves Carlier Newbie


      I was wondering why when deploying in the folder
      the server does not find the files in there.

      It doesn't matter whether I deploy an ear, par, jar, ... anything in the"core" folder is skipped both on start up as on hot deployment.
      Only when changing the foldername to"_core" the files are deployed.

      I wasn't aware that "core" is a reserved word for JBoss. Is this described in the server guide, and if so where?
      (my apologies for not reading the complete guide ;-) )

      BTW I'm currently using JBoss 4.0.3SP1

      -- Pieter-Jan Savat

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          VisolveGroup Novice


          In JBoss Guide 4.0.3, at page number 84,

          In section,

 Hot Deployment of Components, the URLDeploymentScanner

          Said that,

          ? Filter: The class name of a java.io.FileFilter implementation that is used to filter the contents of scanned
          directories. Any file not accepted by this filter will not be deployed. The default is
          org.jboss.deployment.scanner.DeploymentFilter which is an implementation that rejects the following
          "#*", "%*", ",*", ".*", "_$*", "*#", "*$", "*%", "*.BAK", "*.old", "*.orig", "*.rej", "*.bak", "*.sh", "*,v",
          "*~", ".make.state", ".nse_depinfo", "CVS", "CVS.admin", "RCS", "RCSLOG", "SCCS", "TAGS", "core", "tags"

          Note that, it contains the "core" folder name.

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            Yves Carlier Newbie

            Ah okay, thanks pointing it out