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    Thread Stalling on Scheduled Job

    Larry Wilson Newbie

      I'm experiencing a troublesome issue in production:

      During one of our scheduled processing events, which grabs and processes chunks of 1000 rows, either the thread gets stucks, or the database driver, or the logger, or something. Basically, it just gets stuck. Future scheduled events are ignored (because the job is still open), and it takes either redeploying the application, or restarting JBoss, or rebooting the server to recover.

      There's absolutely NOTHING in the logs. It's as is the thread goes quietly to sleep in nana land.

      I know this is impossible to debug here, but I've been looking for a week.

      Does ANYONE have any recommendations where to look? Or how to find out what's stalling the thread?

      We're using JBoss 4.0.4.GA, Quartz 1.5.2, and JTDS 1.2.

      Any and all suggestions are appreciated.