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    Preventing native library loading in JBoss

    Vladimir Merkulov Newbie


      My EAR contains a JAR file (say, myresources.jar) which, in its turn, contains only resources (images, properties, etc.) Among other things,
      myresources.jar contains a ZIP archive with some DLLs in it.
      So, the problem is: when I deploy the EAR to JBoss (I am using 4.0.4GA), it finds these DLLs and loads them, which is undesirable.
      myresources.jar does not contain any descriptors that might cause such behavior, this is just a "plain" jar, which is described in application.xml as a java module.

      Please, can anyone give me some hints on how to prevent loading of the DLLs? I suppose there should be some config parameter on this matter, but I cannot find it in documentation.