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    Application resource isolation

    kristoffer sjögren Newbie


      JBoss uses a server specific deployment descriptor (or annotation) element that maps the logical JNDI name as used by the module (EJB,WAR) to a global JNDI name. This descriptor is defined and packaged in the module, not in the application (EAR).

      Since the binding of global names is done in the ejb-jar module there is no way to deploy an ejb module twice in the application server.

      Is it possible to assign resource to applications which is only visable from that application?

      Weblogic 9 use a rather interesting approch called application scoped resources..


      Basically, resources can be defined as part of the application and isolated from other applications. All resources will be part of the local namespace of the application. Lovely! :-)

      Does JBoss have anything similar to this?