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    Avoid requests  during deployment of ear

    Karl-Christian Pammer Newbie


      I would like to know if there is an possibility to avoid requests to an application-ear while it gets deployed.

      I have the following situation: I use a facade EJB which is called from other system via RMI and a number of (local) backend EJBs for various tasks.

      The Facade is the first bean that Jboss deploys. As soon as it is deployed requests can be made to the facade. As the backend EJBs which are used by the facade are not completely deployed at this time, the calls to the Facade result in "Could not instantiate bean" exceptions.

      Does anybody know a mechanism to avoid calls to an application until the ear is deployed completely?

      The behavior described is especially a problem in cases when the Jboss needs to be restarted, because it lengthens the startup.

      Another question: Is there a possibility to avoid any calls at all to applications until the startup of the JBoss is completed?

      Thanks in advance for any hint.