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    how to configure application from global properties file in

    Magdalena Piller Newbie

      I have a problem reading a .properties file from the default/server/conf directory at runtime.
      My application uses a property hierarchy to load configuration parameters at runtime. Every module of the app has a properties file, which contains "defaults".
      They are packaged in the ear and i can access them no prob.
      But i also want a global properties file, where the deployer may overide the configuration of some or all of the module defaults.
      The problem is that i can't find the resource (ResourceBundle.getBundle(...) throws MissingResourceException).
      I tried to activate/deactivate class loader isolation for my ear, but so far it makes no difference.
      I ruled outtypos as well (by putting the global properties in the ear and retrieving it successfully)

      What am i missing?
      plz help