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    Configuring a DataSource for remote usage

    Ken Roberts Newbie

      Sorry if this is a sore topic.

      All the forum/wiki searches I've thought up to remotely connect to a data source seem to configure a data source which is remote to the app server, usable by the JVM that the app server is running in.

      The subject of this post gets one hit so far, and the issue it discusses is exactly what I want to accomplish. I want to set up a connection pool via the standard means, which will be accessible to servlets, beans, etc. I also want to be able to use that same pool from an applet which thinks it has a JDBC driver.

      There are some goals here:
      - Support a couple large, preexisting 2-tier applications which use their own JDBC connections
      - Create support for new N-tier new components
      - Migrate the 2-tier apps to N-tier
      - To follow standard practice in the newly changed/created code.
      - Define the data sources only once

      The ConfigDataSource wiki page suggests using a session bean facade instead of a data source. My questions:
      - Is there a JDBC proxy class already in existence, or a remote session bean facade that emulates jdbc?
      - If that does not work, can my application read its own configuration and programmatically create a connection pool on the app server for other apps to use?