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    Multiple Instances of the same WAR???

    Milton Taylor Newbie

      This question has been asked in this forum a few times and has never been answered, nor is there any obvious documentation covering it.

      It's a simple question re a simple scenario: is it possible in JBoss, as it is in a native Tomcat setup, to have several instances of the same web app (war), each sitting in a different server URL context, and each having different init params that can be passed through to the app.

      JBoss VirtualHosts does not address this need.

      I really don't want to have to deploy a second copy of the same war if this is not necessary.

      I also don't like the idea of deploying under the tomcat sar - i.e. using tomcat features to setup multiple web app instances - and I'm not sure this would work under JBoss anyway.

      Looking forward to any advice...