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    jboss recompiling jsps, does it look at timestamp?


      we have a server running on CentralTime, while the wars we build to deploy to it is on PacificTime. we are noticing that jsps we hit after deploying to the CT server are not being recompiled in the default/work/jboss.web directory...is this caused by PT timestamp always being less than the CT clock on our CT server?



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          How is your system clock set on your servers? Is it set to GMT and then the display adjusted for your time zone? If so, then just be copying a file from PT to CT you should see the last modified time on the file adjust automatically. In that case, the war file should deploy just fine.

          But, if each system has its clock set to local time, then you will have a 2 hour headache.

          At least, that is my understanding of how it is supposed to work.