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    Routing port 80 to 8080

    Daniel Ray Newbie

      I've installed JBoss 4.0.4GA in a vps environment. I've also installed mod_jk so that requests on port 80 will route to port 8080 and allow my site to be served by JBoss. I was successful at getting the forwarding in place, but my site resolves to the JBoss console when I use www.mysite.com.

      To get everything to work, I had to modify the index.html to use a redirect in the head section to www.mysite.com/mywar, mod_jk to contain JkMount /mywar* ajp13, and to deploy mywar.war to the tomcat sar directory beneath the deploy directory.

      Normally, I would set mod_jk to be JkMount /* ajp13. I tried adding <context-root>/</context-root>
      <virtual-host>mysite.com</virtual-host> but the site would not resolve.

      Other than the steps I described that work for me, is there a better way to set this up so that all requests on port 80(apache) route to JBoss on 8080 and uses the mywar.war file I deployed so that www.mysite.com will resolve to www.mysite.com/mywar ? Surely I missed something in the documentation.

      Many thanks for the advice and help.