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    How to change a EJB remote adres?

    Joop Duim Newbie


      we have a connection to an EJB deployed on WebSphere. This is setup as follows.


      Both are packaged inside the .war file within an .ear. At deployment time we want to change the servers address, but therefore we either need to change the jboss-web.xml and do a new build or we need to edit the jboss-web.xml in the .ear file - .war file. The first is not acceptable since then the developers need to know details about acception test and production environments. The second is not acceptable, since the deployer needs to unzip .ear, unzip .war, change jboss-web.xml, zip .war, zip .ear and deploy.

      Can this be configured outside of the ear-file, so that deployment can be done easier?