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    EAR deployment issues


      EAR structure which we want:


      I am working in the deployment of our application on Jboss4.0GA.Following is the structure of our ear:

      |____Application war

      |____Sytem war

      |____EJB jar

      |____Sytem har

      |____Application har

      |____Common.jar(having all dependent jars and classes of sytem war)


      Many question which are arcising in my mind:

      1)Can we place all the classes outside the war(WEB-INF/classes)

      2)I am placing WEB-INF/lib outside war in common.jar (EAR classloader level) but war can not find the required classes from coomon.jar

      3)I need to share session between the wars.

      4)Can an ear contain two hars having differnet session factories binded?

      Please answer to my questions and guide me how to achieve all this.

      I am facing class loading issues while trying to keep the rlib outside war..