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    Log4J configuration in the embeddable EJB3 container/Seam

    zzzz8 Newbie

      I'm migrating to JBoss Seam, while sticking with Tomcat - which means that I'm using the embeddable EJB3 container. I've followed the steps outlined in section 9.3.3 of the JBoss Seam reference documentation:


      I've been able to integrate Seam, with the exception that my logging configuration doesn't seem to work... I've basically placed my log4j.xml configuration file from my application (when used in Tomcat, it was placed in WEB-INF/classes) to the root directory within the "my-application.jar" file.

      That's all I've done and I assume I have to do more in order to get my logging configuration settings working. I've searched for instructions as to how to configure log4j in the embeddable EJB3 container but couldn't find any... Thanks in advance.