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    SQL 2000

    David Compton Newbie

      I have a very basic question. Can the database used by JBOSS be on a seperate SQL 2000 server or do I need to install SQL 2000 and the database on the JBOSS server along with all the other required parts?

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          Peter Johnson Master

          You can place SQL Server 2000, or any database, on a separate computer from JBoss. Having the database and JBoss on separate computers is recommended for large-scale production systems.

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            David Compton Newbie

            Excellent. Thanks for the quick response. One last question at the moment. What excatly is the purpose of the database?

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              Peter Johnson Master

              JBoss uses a database to store JMS messages that are in transit and have not yet been delivered. By default, JMS is configured to use the Hypersonic database. I can't recall if there are other services that use this database also. If you are not using JMS, you can either remove the service, or ignore it. If you are using JMS, you will want to switch to another database.

              Other than that, a database would be used by an application deployed to JBoss. For example, I have a simple testing application that uses either MySQL or PostgreSQL as the database.

              Another example is the JBoss Portal, which is an application deployed to JBoss. It can use one of a variety of databases to store the portal information.

              Note that you can have multiple databases in use by the same instance of JBoss.

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                David Compton Newbie

                Thanks for the information. I'm evaluating an Adobe product called LiveCycle. This product takes many known file types and converts them to PDF/A for archive purposes. It does it on the server side. Out of the box they use JBOSS and MySQL. In my environment I have to get ITCCB approval for open-source products. I'm trying to limit it to the products I actually need to make the solution work. That's why I'd like to be able to replace MySQL with SQL. However, in order to do this I also need to understand how to configure JBOSS and SQL to work together and still function within the solution. Looking for any guidance I can find.

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                  Calvin Tong Newbie

                  Hi dcompton,

                  I am evaluating Adobe LiveCycle too. Does your configuration works so far? We uses MS SQL 2000/2005 servers and Windows server 2003. Do you have any recommendation to deploy LiveCycle on this environment?

                  Thanks, Calvin

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                    David Compton Newbie

                    I'm sorry to say that I haven't gotten that far yet. I have LiveCycle installed using the default "turnkey" installation mode (which I won't be able to use in production) and the PDF Generator is working OK. I have found a copy of files that it has had difficultly converting Our SQL server in not quite ready yet. I'm working in a dev environment and right at the moment things are a little slow. I'm also evaluating a copy of other PDF conversion products too at the same time. I'll happy to let you know any issues I run into once I get that far but I'm just not there yet.