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    "WARN  [verifier] EJB spec violation" occurred when i redepl

    danialdy Newbie

      I deployed a ebs.war and app.ear to the JBoss 4.0.4RC1(JDK1.5.0_07).
      The app.ear contains two jar: systemadmin.jar and scheduletask.jar.
      The ebs.war will call the EJBs in the app.ear.

      when I start the JBoss at first time, everything is correct.
      when I change the systemadmin.jar redeploy the app.ear, it failed with the following error:

      11:02:17,702 WARN [verifier] EJB spec violation:
      Bean : StTaskSessionFacade
      Method : public abstract void startScheduledTasks(RoutonTaskObject;) throws RoutonException, RemoteException
      Section: 7.11.5
      Warning: All the exceptions defined in the throws clause of the matching method of the session bean class must be defined in the throws clause of the method of the remote interface.

      The stateless session bean StTaskSessionFacade is in the scheduletask.jar, and is never been changed!!!

      The StTaskSessionFacadeBean class:
       public void startScheduledTask(RoutonTaskObject routonTaskObject) throws RoutonException {
       logger.debug("startScheduledTask(routonTaskObject) called.");
       try {
       } catch (Exception e) {
       logger.error("startScheduledTask(routonTaskObject) error: " +
       throw new RoutonException(e.getMessage());

      Then remote interface StTaskSessionFacade class
      public void startScheduledTask(RoutonTaskObject routonTaskObject) throws RoutonException, RemoteException;

      When I restart the JBoss, everything is good again.

      Help me pls.