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    Access Log file (of tomcat embedded) rotation w/o jboss rest

    Rajesh Chande Newbie


      I have set up JBoss 4.0.4GA, deployed many apps, working fine, no issues.

      Each application is generating a separate access log file "access.log". Right now I have stopped the default rotation of everyday by putting rotatable="false" attribute in $jboss_home/server-name/deploy/server.xml.

      I want to rotate this access files on a monthly basis w/o a restart of JBoss.

      I have tried the following, but they all ask for restart of JBoss server:
      - shell script archiving and then emptying by " > access.log" or "cp /dev/null > access.log", It empties the access.log, but after this nothing is logged until the jboss is restarted.

      How Can I avoid this restart ? Any suggestions?