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    JAXB 2.0 on JBoss

    Rupert Smith Newbie

      I'm making use of JAXB 2.0 from the JWSDP 2.0 RI, mostly for unmarshalling XML config files compiled with xjc. I've been able to get the JAXB 2.0 jars working inside of a deployed .ear file by using an isolated class loader for my .ear.

      Now, I need to write a standalone client utility that calls my deployed application and this also makes use of JAXB 2.0. In order to call my deployed app I need to put JBoss client jars on the classpath. I am unable to get this working because JAXB 2.0 conflicts with the JBoss's own JAXB stuff which is in the client jars. The JAXB specs say that you must unmarshall with the same version that you ran xjc from. There is no compatability between the output of xjc from different versions or vendor implementations.

      What I'd like to know is, what exactly is the JAXB stuff in JBoss? Is it JBoss's own JAXB implementation? or is it a third party implementation? What version of JAXB does it implement and does it have an xjc compiler? Could I use it in my app and then happily share libs with jboss's JAXB implementation?

      The other solution I can think of is to use some sort of class loading solution that lets me load the JAXB 2.0 jars that I need seperately from the JBosss client jars and avoid the conflict that way.

      I read somewhere that JBoss 5 will use the JAXB RI, is this true?

      Thanks for reading, and any replies you make.

      Rupert Smith