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    Ear class loader question

    Troy Bottger Newbie

      I am deploying an ear that contains a couple WAR files and a lot of JAR files. One of the JAR files contained within the EAR is jaxb-rt-1.0-ea.jar. When I deploy and run the EAR, I am getting a java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: INITIAL_COLOR error. I am thinking I am conflicting with the Jboss-j2ee.jar located in the ${jbossHome}/server/test/lib. I don't understand why it is loading the class from this jar when the correct jar is in my EAR and gets deployed. I have the jaxb-rt-1.0-ea.jar in the MANIFEST.MF for my WAR and made sure that there is no reference to the Jboss-j2ee.jar. What is causing this jar in the ${jbossHome}/server/test/lib to be loaded instead of my jar?
      I thought it my be a parent-first loading, but I have made sure my false in the jboss-service.xml in the deploy\jbossweb-tomcat55.sar directory. I am using 4.0.4. Any help would be appreciated.