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    log4j truncates my stack traces, why?

    Samuel Mendenhall Apprentice

      I want to configure log4j.xml to NOT truncate my stack traces, and I've searched google for about an hour on how to do it to no avail, someone please HELP!


      Caused by: javax.transaction.RollbackException: Already marked for rollback TransactionImpl:XidImpl[FormatId=257, GlobalId=dhcp59-211.rdu.redhat.com/22, BranchQual=, localId=22]
       at org.jboss.tm.TransactionImpl.registerSynchronization(TransactionImpl.java:635)
       at org.hibernate.transaction.CMTTransaction.registerSynchronization(CMTTransaction.java:156)
       ... 48 more

      But I really want to see those 48 more.