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    Web-console missing or not available in JBoss AS 4.0.4-GA?

    Dave Belfer-Shevett Newbie

      'Lo folks.

      My client has asked for detailed information on deployed EJBs within JBoss such as memory footprint, access time, status, etc etc. I had hoped the web-console would have that information, but it appears not to have been included in JBoss AS 4.0.4-GA?

      Trying to hit it after jboss has started yields HTTP Status 404 - /web-console/, and looking in my installation directory, I don't even see the war file (might be in a sar, admittedly).

      Is it disabled? How do I enable it?

      I'd also like to find if there's a decent status viewer for EJB's other than the web-console. I find the JMX console pretty much unhelpful.