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    Tomcat thread hangs

    andrea Tironi Newbie

      Good day to all.

      I have a problem with an application deployed under jboss 3.2.5, java 1.4.2_07, machine win2k server eng 4GB ram 4 processor, x86.

      My application has a tree like this:

      |- app.sar
      |- app.war
      |- Meta-Inf
      |- server

      I can reach it by a context called "app" and launching it by a jnlp.
      Jnlp is managed by javaws that first of all download some jar to the client.

      It works well for minutes, hour ... but sometimes javaws hangs and cannot download nothing, apparentry without a cause.

      In the jboss log i cannot see nothing (DEBUG trace active)
      I enable the tomcat access_log (by server.xml) and i see all right (normal http head e get request) when i can download and nothing when i cannot download.

      I go to tomcat status page and i can see thread are exhausted (all busy) and all download process are hanging.

      So, i cannot reach any url under "app", but i can reach jmx-console
      and web-console for a while.

      I tried to change connectionTimeout, KeepAlives and other parameter
      in server.xml, but nothing appens.

      There is some other debugging that i can enable?
      Any idea about?
      Need more info?

      I hope to be clear.
      Excuse me for my english.