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    Access Loggin

    Chris Malan Novice

      I have a web application running on JBoss-4.0.4.GA. It is the ejb3 setup running as all. The OS is CentOS 4 and the JDK is JDK1.5, the latest downloaded about 10 days ago.

      The relevant part in server.xml in JBOSS_HOME/server/all/deploy/jbossweb-tomcat55.sar has been uncommented to generate http request logs.

      The trouble is that the logs look like this: - - [16/Sep/2006:00:47:21 -0500] "GET /a1b2c3d4e5f6g7h8i9/nonexistentfile.php HTTP/1.0" 404 1069 - - [16/Sep/2006:00:47:22 -0500] "GET /adxmlrpc.php HTTP/1.0" 404 991 - - [16/Sep/2006:00:47:22 -0500] "GET /adserver/adxmlrpc.php HTTP/1.0" 404 1018 - - [16/Sep/2006:00:47:22 -0500] "GET /phpAdsNew/adxmlrpc.php HTTP/1.0" 404 1021 - - [16/Sep/2006:00:47:22 -0500] "GET /phpadsnew/adxmlrpc.php HTTP/1.0" 404 1021

      Once in a while there is a log for a page or image which actually exists on the server, like /, with a return code of 200.

      Visits to the site by me and others which I know about are not logged. Just these requests for non-existent pages with return codes of 404.

      Is there any setting to be done which will get Tomcat to log all http requests?

      On my machine at home everything works fine running the same stuff, albeit on a JBoss installed with the installer and running as default.

      I'd appreciate any help.