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    Problem deploying Maven2-built files to JBoss 3.2.7

    John Cater Newbie

      For a project, we are building a SAR, which conatins several JAR files, using Maven2. As part of the default Maven2 build process, each JAR file contains a copy of the pom.xml used to build that JAR, in the META-INF directory. However, the JARDeployer in JBoss 3.2.7 seems to be scanning all JAR files for any XML file in the META-INF directory, and then refusing to load the JAR if the XML file is unrecognized.

      It is possible to reconfigure Maven2 not to include the pom.xml, but this is time-consuming and difficult since Maven2 will also download libraries from a central repository, and those JAR files also have the pom.xml.

      Is there any way to configure JBoss to not perform this check? Why does JBoss even do this? It seems confusing and is causing us problems.