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    Service bindings - service locations

    john larsen Newbie


      I have been reading up on:

      About multiple jboss services on one server.

      My question is can one have jboss running as jboss user and then have the different services running under different users in their home directory with their own set of ports?

      Do I just specify the StoreURL root path to location of each service?



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          john larsen Newbie

          Ah you cant edit posts here...

          I've been following through deeper into docs regarding service bindings and im a bit confused. I'll come back when i have my questions refined.

          But if you have some info such as a good direction to point me to - please dont hesitate!


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            john larsen Newbie

            Wow this is really old. I've since solved this problem so I will answer my own post.


            Originally I was trying to find a way to install multiple jboss servers on one machine as I was coming from Tomcat. An instance is actually server/instancename rather than complete jboss server. So basically one can host multiple instances in jboss/servers/ and each instance has their own tomcat and port configurations. Instead of trying to manage ports within the server.xml, jboss includes ports management in jboss/server/INSTANCENAME/conf/jboss-service.xml or jboss/server/INSTANCENAME/conf/bindingservice.beans/META-INF/bindings-jboss-beans.xml


            The ports are defined as follows:

            ports-default is 8080, ports-01 is 8180, ports-02 is 8280 and so on. Includes increments for the the other ports suchs as ajp port, rmi port etc.


            JBoss is simply not designed to run like tomcat, so you shouldn't try to run more than one jboss server on a host. Its a server that can run multiple container instances. This is why most hosting companies offer VPS solution for JBOSS.