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    Deployment issues...

    Tor Egil Jacobsen Novice

      I have used the installer (patch 1) to setup a configuration of JBoss which use 'all' and 'ejb3'. That is to say that I first setup jboss with the 'all' configuration and then setup jboss with the 'ejb3' confiiguration. I use the same configuration name for both setups.

      I hope this is the correct procedure, but I am not sure if this is what is meant at the download page:

      If you want to use EJB3 or Seam, you MUST download the xxxx-installer.jar installer file. You need to run the installer by double clicking on it or executing java -jar xxxx-installer.jar. Choose the ejb3 or ejb3-clustering profile when asked. JDK 5.0 is required.

      The problem is: When I copy a jar-file to the deploy folder, nothing happens. I am waiting for its deployment, but nada... If this procedure of setting up a server with all services which use ejb 3 is not correct, please explain me the righ procedure...