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    Preventing startup on database/port in use error

    Laurent Duperval Newbie


      I am using JBoss 3.2.5 (which I cannot update for now, we're working on it).

      Is it possible to prevent JBoss from starting if there is any problem which will prevent if from working correctly.

      For example, if port 1098 or 1099 is already in use, JBoss will not work. Yet, I tested this by starting a first instance on a server, then starting another instance on the same server. The second instance gave a "address already in use" error, but the Java process was started nevertheless. I expected it to exit.

      I also tried starting JBoss with no database server running. Once again, I saw a lot of errors, but the Java process remained. Then, after I started my database and tried to use my application, I received all sorts of failures.

      Is it possible, in these two specific instances (and possibly others to determine later) to have JBoss close itself automatically?

      I am running on Windows XP and JBoss is running as a service.

      Thanks for your help,