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    Small bugs in installer

    davidbalazic Newbie


      Should just submit them on JIRA ?

      Here they are :

      JBoss bugs

      version : jboss-4.0.4.GA-Patch1-installer.jar

      The installer wizard:

      - The release notes are wider that the window, therefore hard to read.
      (what is the reason for disallowing resizing of the window ?)

      - clicking a link in the release notes takes you away, but there is no
      (obvious) way back. The "Previous" button does not do that, for example.

      - the table items in the "Install type" page are larger than the visible area.
      As mentione, the windows can not be enlraged by the user to accomodate. There are
      no scrollbars either.

      - some pages have titles, some with icons, some multiples lines, each with icon,
      some have nothing alike, almost each having a different font size. Not exactly "professional".

      - The dialog, saying "This will cancel the installation!" has two buttons, Yes and No.
      There is a question in the title, but the title is not the place to ask the user questions.

      - At the end of the install wizard, the "Done" button has a red cross icon, like "Cancel".
      It should be green or a similar "confirm" type.