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    Jboss deployement

    sssssss ppppppp Newbie


      I am having red hat ES installed on PC with config details as-
      MB- Foxcoon , RAM -1GB transcend , processor- 3GHz Intel processor

      I have installed JBoss-3.2.5 on it.
      With this config I don't have any problem as a normal user. But as soon as I started Jboss and application gets deployed ...my pc is getting slow
      down .....I am not able to just open another terminal window...nor able to
      open firefox......Can anyone help me about this ?


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          Peter Johnson Master

          Have you used top to determine what is using up the processor (I assume java, but you never know). What have you deployed to JBoss? Have you looked at the JBoss logs to see what is in there? Have you taken thread dumps to see what code is taking up all the processor time? Oh, and what JVM are you using? To find out, run: "java -version".

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            sssssss ppppppp Newbie

            Thanks Peter. Actually, I had tried only with top. Output of top is

            %CPU for java

            99.9 java
            82.6 java
            99.9 java

            39.3 java -- 2 processes

            0.1 java

            76.3 java
            49.5 java
            21.8 java

            0.9 java ---3 processes

            6.1 java -- 2 processes

            25.6 java -- 2 processes --- deploying selenium.war and slowly getting down m/c

            My java version is -
            Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Std Edition(build 1.4.2_07- b05)
            Java Hotspot(TM) client VM(build 1.4.2_07-b05, mixed mode)

            In server.log and consolelog I don't find anything abnormal

            I am deploying J2EE application with .ear file

            Pl help me in this regard as I am totally new to java/jboss and trying to learn this.



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              Peter Johnson Master

              First, undeploy your ear file and start JBoss. It should take about 20-30 seconds to start up after which processor utilization should go down to close to 0%. If that is the case, then there is something in the ear that is causing the problem.

              To help locate the problem with the ear, deploy it and when the processor is at 100% utilization take several thread dumps, at about 5 or 10 second intervals (see http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=StackTrace). You should probably redirect the console output to a file so that the dumps do not all scroll off the top of the shell window buffer. The thread dump will show you what threads are active and lead you to the section(s) of the code cuasing the problems.