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    JavaMail: configuring the Jboss MailService for multiple acc

    Michael Lorenz Newbie

      Hi all,

      i am trying to make an webbased email application. I thought i could use JavaMail for all SMTP&POP3 operations. JbossAS is providing an JavaMail implementation known as "MailService"!? I found, in the WWW and this forums, information how to configure this Service (file: mail-service.xml) and how to obtain the JavaMail Session (@Ressource - Annotation). But it seems to me that with the JbossAS-MailService it is only possible to create one Email-Account per JbossAS installation!?
      As i want to make an email application for 30 to 50 people using an web interface, i would like (at runtime for every single (mail)session) to tell JbossAS which eMail Account with wich username and password to use (With "normal" JavaMail implementations this is possible as I can set properties for retrieving the Session).
      Is that possible with JbossAS? Or do i need beside the JbossAS to install another JavaMail implementation??

      Thx for answers and proposals!