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    WEB-INF/classes being undeployed on shutdown

    Jose de Castro Newbie

      I am in the process of upgrading from JBoss 3.2.6 to version 4.0.4. Aside from some minor class-loading issues everything seemed to work fine except that when I shutdown the server the WEB-INF/classes directory gets deleted from one of my applications. I have several other web applications deployed and they all seem to be intact. The web application in question is part of an EAR.

      I've been running this codebase on 3.2.X for a couple of year now without any issues.

      Is there something I'm missing about the EARDeployer that would cause it to remove the classes directory for child WARs?

      My Environment
      Operating System: Windows XP
      JBoss Version: 4.0.4GA
      UseJBossWebLoader: true

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          Jose de Castro Newbie

          It turns out that I had set the work-dir in a context.xml file a while back. This was causing JBoss to "clean up" my classes directory on sutdown. For some reason JBoss 3.2.6 was not doing this before.

          My reason for setting the working directory to deploy/MyApp/WEB-INF/classes in the first place was to make use of some precompiled JSPs generated during my build. I got around this by changing the scratch directory in Tomcat's web.xml file.

          Hope this helps someone down the road :)