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    Portal Settings Not Saving

    Bill Wimsatt Newbie

      None of the settings in JBoss seem to be saving. If we set security settings for a user for a portal instance, it will not stay post-restart. If we give all privileges to a user, it does not make any difference. This is really frustrating. We have looked at security settings, and do not see anything that will block them.

      Basically, we have created a new page with a set of instances layed out. It never saved *twice* and we have lost all of that work.

      The directories have all been CHMOD 777 just to make sure there were no OS issues. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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          Peter Johnson Master

          Which version of JBoss Portal are you using, and what database are you using?

          (By the way, this post should have gone in the JBoss Portal forum, you'd probably get more help there.)

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            Bill Wimsatt Newbie


            Yes, it probably is better in portal now that you mention it, but I really don't want to cross post now.

            I am using JBossAS-4.0.3 SP1. The database is hibernate. It is the pre-configured JBoss that comes with Pentaho (1.2 RC2), but it is not Pentaho (at the moment) that I am struggling with. I will do a custom install when I get a bit more comfortable with the platform.

            The issue is that I have had to go to manual editting of files, because almost all portal settings through the GUI have been wiped after portal restart. I have given all the privileges that I can to the admin user and a portal user. I have also chmod'd everything to see what is going on.

            I have noticed odd behavior with the admin side on IE (does not work here) versus Firefox. I am sticking with Firefox for the configuration.

            I appreciate your thoughts.


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              Bill Wimsatt Newbie

              Its Hypersonic, not hibernate. WAYYY too late last night working on this portal.


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                Peter Johnson Master

                Sorry, but I am not familiar with Pentaho. I use JBoss AS 4.0.4GA and Portal 2.4.0.GA with MySQL or PostgreSQL. Haven't used the Portal with Hypersonic. Page definitions are stored in the database (in Portal 2.4), so I suspect that the problem is database related.