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    Linux Jboss File Layout

    Alistair Bush Newbie


      I am helping the Gentoo Java Community by creating a jboss package.

      At present I am attempting to figure out a file layout that will conform to the requirements of gentoo and jboss.

      Now the default file system layout for the jboss packages has separate data directories for the different profiles (all, default, minimal).

      What would be the consequences of combining these directories to into one using links to /var/cache/jboss-4?

      Would their be any reasons why this would be a bad idea?

      I personally believe that
      1) Ppl will not switch profiles much, even on dev computers
      2) Sharing the data dir will not pose a security risk

      thanks for any advice


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          Dimitris Andreadis Master

          The consequence is you can't run 2 jboss instances on different configurations simulaneously. Each instance needs its own data/log/tmp dirs. In general, whatever is under a configuration JBOSS_HOME/server/xxx must not be shared across instances.

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            Alistair Bush Newbie

            What would be the possibilities of, within a production environment, having multiple configurations running at anyone time?

            All other linux servers I have seen (so apache, mysql, various ftp servers, tomcat standalone) only have support for one instance at a time. Do Jboss (and J2EE in general) servers break this mold?

            As an example is it likely that a production server would run a jboss webservices capable/configured server as well as a jsp/servlet jboss server simultaniously (and separately).