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    Please fix this bug!

    red sea Newbie

      I have a jsf-guessNumber.war file that I use as part of my initial testing.

      I drop this jsf-guessNumber.war into tomcat and it works.
      I drop this into jboss-4.0.4GA and it doesnt work I get the following error

      at javax.faces.webapp.UIComponentTag.setupResponseWriter(UIComponentTag.java:615)

      So I downloaded jboss-4.0.5.rc1 and dropped it into that version. It also did not work.

      I then downloaded jboss-4.0.2 and dropped it into that version AND IT WORKED!

      So jboss-4.0.2 works, jboss-4.0.4 and jboss-4.0.5 DONT WORK.

      I suggest to jboss to get the jsf-guessNumber.war file and include in their regression testing.

      The jsf-guessNumber is the java server faces tutorial from sun.

      Looking forward to any comments.