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    Reloading class in ear struture.

    femto gary Newbie

      Hello all , I'm trying to find out how to
      reload class in ear struture when
      remote debugging it.
      I find out plain class struture in ear directory
      works (previously I tried META-INF/classes,
      WEB-INF/classes, APP-INF/classes, none works).

      when classes file directly in ear directory works,
      but when I change class file and recompile it to the place,
      it just can't be reloaded like previously I've done
      in WAR (WEB-INF/classes , under Tomcat or Jetty environment).
      Do anyone has any hint about this?
      Or I can't reload class and must redeploy my app after
      every single change?
      I'm using jboss 4.0.1sp1.