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    WS works in 4.0.3SP1 , fails in 4.0.4

    Hapu Kurk Newbie

      The default configuration does not allow to use a web-service application invoking session-bean based services. The same application works flawlessly when deployed in 4.0.3SP1 but gets and error when deployed to 4.0.4. Only the web service invocation fails.
      The error message among other things contains *Can not connect http client invoker".

      The application was developed by and large following the guidelines in Chapter 12 in the adminguide.

      Either the webservice development documentation is omitting something for 4.0.4 or the default conf for 4.0.4 is missing something. Either way , I'm not going to have the time to look for the error - but if and when there's a fix, please let me know!