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    JBoss AS Intallation on Windows 2003

    Jeff Puro Newbie

      Is there any documentation on how to properly install JBoss Application Server on a Windows 2003 box running on JDK 1.5? What I'm specifically looking for is information on how to size a JBoss AS server to run as well as possible on a windows box. Some of the specs I need to determine are:

      1) How much memory should be allocated to the server. 2 GB, 4 GB? How should the JRE be configured to give JBoss the right amount of memory?

      2) How much disk space should be allocated to the server? Is there a minimum requirement for this.

      3) How does JBoss AS work with multiple processors? I'm guessing this is dependent on the JRE used. I'm not sure if it helps to add multiple processors or not.


      Jeff Puro

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          Peter Johnson Master

          I gave a presentation at JBoss World in Atlanta that contained answers to questions 1 and 3. The presentation is about scaling up JBoss in Windows (applies to Linux too, by the way). You can find the presentation at http://www.jboss.org/events/jbossworld/recap/int_middleware.html.

          For question 2, the answer is that JBoss itself takes up very little space (about 120MB). So the real answer is how much disk space is required by the applications you will deploy to JBoss. Usually, the answer to that is where is the datase and how much disk space does it need.

          I wish the links to older JBossWorlds were more organized on the JBossWorld Web site. I couldn't get to the page via any links that I saw. I ended up having to google for the page.