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    Regarding the stringtemplate-2.3b6.jar while using drools

    Manish Meshram Newbie


      I have deployed a servlet on the sun server 8.1. In the servlet i have put the code of building the package and firing the rules (this code uses drools api).
      We get the following error while running the servlet:
      |CharScanner; panic: ClassNotFoundException: org.antlr.stringtemplate.language.ChunkToken|#]

      This class is in the stringtemplate-2.3b6.jar file.
      When we put the jar in the domains/<domain_name>/lib folder of the sun server and run the servlet, the server stops running abruptly.

      This also happens if we are put the jar file in the war and its classpath entry in the manifest.mf.

      Kindly help.