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    problem with class loader jboss schedular

    Harshinie Dayaratne Newbie


      i want to depoly a schedular in jboss. i used org.jboss.varia.scheduler.Schedulable.

      when i deploy a jar file with schduler class and put the respective entry in jboss service xml with code base entry it works fine.

      hence i need to include this jar file inside in ear.
      say my jar file is ejb-application.jar
      inside meta-inf/manifest.mf i include following entry classpath: ejb-application.jar.

      then set code base to ear in jboss service.xml now the scheduler does not start and no class def found error is thrown for the schedular class.

      i refered forum message titled "CLASS PATH TO EAR" and include the my jar file in folder called lib inside the ear. then i change the entry classpath: .\lib\ejb-application.jar

      then also ear deploys ok. but the no class def error for schedulable class is coming.

      then i create a sperate jar file that contains the schedulable class and i include that in to default/lib.
      the session beans refered is included in ear.
      the schedulable class detects but contiously it gives no class def found error for the remote home interface.

      could u pls tell me how to solve this problem.

      what i basically wants to do is deploy a scheduler where the schualable class reside in jar file which deploy as an ear.

      please help me

      thanks in advance