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    Got NoClassDefFoundError when deployed to production server,

    Tong Wang Newbie

      Greetings, everyone.

      I am encountering a weird problem with deployment. I am using JBoss 4.0.1 and JBoss Eclipse IDE 1.6. When running the web app on my local machine inside JBoss IDE (actually on my local JBoss 4.0.1 server), it works fine with no problem. However, after I deploy my EAR onto the production server, I got this NoClassDefFoundError. I checked all the JARs and whatever JARs are under my WEB-INF/lib are being packaged into the WAR file. I've been trying re-packaging/re-deploying/restarting many times with the same result, getting really frustrated. Could someone provide me with some hint/advice? Thank you in advance.