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    log4j RepositorySelector - log4j.jar missing RootLogger

    Nick Baker Newbie


      I'm putting together a log4j RepositorySelector using this http://www.qos.ch/logging/sc.jsp as a guide to provide a consistent logging approach for my webapp across different app servers. However, the log4j.jar included with JBoss (4.0.4.GA) does not include the RootLogger class. Has this been removed for a reason in the JBoss log4j build? i.e. to prevent webapps from accessing the RootLogger?

      I'm fairly sure that with the RepositorySelector approach I should only have a single log4j.jar in the app server (i.e. not a separate jar included in every webapp). And anyway, multiple log4j.jars seem to cause errors on startup.

      How can I get around this while avoiding changing the default JBoss configuration (after all, you would not want customers to have to change their app server config, just to deploy an additional webapp).