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    JBoss tmp/deploy directory stays locked after a service crac

    Harrie Pino Newbie


      After a service running in JBoss craches with a Exception, (JBoss keeps on running) and I restart my JBoss server, the deploy directory in the server tmp directory stays locked on the file system. I can not access the directory manually, can not rename, delete or change its attributes. So also JBoss won't come up, because it can not access its tmp/deploy directory.
      The only way I figured out to solve this is to completely reboot the system the JBoss service was running on. This is quite a problem.
      I run JBoss 4.0.4 GA on a recently updated Windows XP environment. The file system is NTFS.
      Does someone also experience this problem?
      What could cause this kind of behaviour?

      Harrie Hoogeveen
      Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Netherlands